Origin Programmatic Marketing Hub

Rated Leader in DMP & DSP Spaces

In a fragmented media world consumers are completely in charge of how they interact with advertisers. They decide the stores they shop; the emails they open; the keywords they search; when to chat with CSRs; where to visit and the devices they use to go online.

The whole of these choices looks more like a conversation than advertising. Consumers want to be talked with – Not talked to… And amidst the back and forth, valuable Data is generated. How you harness this data is the key to tailoring relevant and memorable conversations that are more valuable to consumers and more effective for your brands… It’s a virtuous cycle, where every interaction counts. Watch the video above to see an example of how Origin strings it all together for advertisers.

[x+1] Origin Platform is a programmatic marketing hub that empowers brands to engage in progressively relevant conversations with consumers across a wide spectrum of digital channels. The Origin platform is made up of four components that can be used independently or fully integrated. A layer of rich reporting, analytics, and insight tools provides unparalleled control and transparency.

  • Data Management Platform

    Centralize audience creation and computer learning, tag management,  powerful callouts and triggers.

  • Demand Side Platform

    Plan, manage, and optimize real time media buying, across all major RTB exchanges, publisher private marketplace buys with creative decisioning, video, paid social, and mobile.

  • Site Decisioning

    For optimizing real time interactive marketing on owned properties like websites and mobile apps, including audience discovery, and rules based message decisioning.

  • Mobile Advertising & App Marketing

    Comprehensive mobile advertising solution that includes programmatic mobile web and app media, app tracking SDK, app development, and LiveLinks™, a mobile url and omni-channel tracking solution.