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How Confident Are
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Technology Decision?

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It’s About Engaging The Right Audience in Relevant Conversations.

In a world increasingly dominated by digital media, consumers are completely in charge of how marketers can interact with them. They decide the sites they shop, the banners they click, the videos they watch, posts they share, and the devices they use. The whole of these choices resemble a two-way conversation more than it does traditional marketing models.

“Right person, right message, right time” has become table stakes. To be successful today, marketers must learn to leverage data and technology in a way that transforms a one-to-many campaign strategy into a one-to-one, always-on strategy.

[x+1] Origin Programmatic Marketing Hub


Origin Data Management Platform centralizes data collection and normalization, audience creation, decisioning and rules creation. Rated a Leader by Forrester.


Origin DSP is the choice when dealing with large amounts of 1st-party data and complex audience modeling. Shares data space as Origin DMP. Rated a Leader by Forrester.


Origin Site optimizes messaging on owned properties like websites and mobile apps; includes audience discovery, and rules-based decisioning.


Origin Mobile offering is a precise and powerful programmatic buying solution with an ability to target by demographics, location, device, and first-party data.

Intuit Mobile Lifecyle

Mobile Web & App Tracking

Mobile advertising provides a unique opportunity to connect with consumers on a personal level, on devices that most reflect who they are. [x+1] mobile advertising is a precise and powerful programmatic buying solution, with the ability to target by demographics, location, device, and your first-party data. [x+1] makes it quick and simple to add a mobile audience to your media strategy.

What You Need to Know

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